Jin Jiang, Ph.D., P. Eng.

NSERC/UNENE Industrial Research Chair

A level system
Physical NPP simulator
NPP simulator
DCS systems
Safety system
Wireless sensor devices
WirelessHART system
Energy storages
Grid Connection rack
Power Electronic Converters
Wind turbine
Solar panels
Programmable loads
Solar simulator
Synchronous Gen-sets
Wind simulator
Wireless systems
Wireless sensor devices
NSERC Site Visit at UWO.

Visit to AECL Chalk River Lab.

With UWO president, Dr. Paul Davenport and Engineering Dean, Dr. Franco Berruti.

Control room of high temperature gas cooled reactor (HTR-10) in Tsinghua University.

Delivery of an IAEA training course on power grid for NPP site selection in Vietnam.


The University Network for Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (known as UNENE) was created in 2002 as a partnership between the Canadian nuclear industry and universities to establish nuclear R&D programs in universities, train and develop highly qualified personnel to address the demographic gap, and to create a sustainable source of expertise for independent industry and public consultation. Fifteen years into its creation, UNENE is now a well-established and fully functional framework, with both education and research programs serving the industry at large. The educational component is comprised of an M.Eng program catering to working professionals, offered on weekends and using distance learning tools. It is intended to enhance competencies and build knowledge for students. UNENE’s R&D programs are led by Industrial Research chairs (IRCs) and other prominent researchers in areas important to the nuclear industry.

Objective of the Research Chair Program

Dr. Jiang has been an NSERC/UNENE Senior Industrial Research Chair in the area of control, instrumentation, and electrical systems in nuclear power plants (NPPs) since 2003. The main objectives of the research program are: (1) to assist Canadian nuclear industries in finding solutions to pressing issues of nuclear power plant control and instrumentation through both fundamental and applied research, and (2) to train highly qualified personnel in the field of nuclear engineering to meet the needs of Canada’s nuclear industry in the near future. Three major issues facing nuclear industries have formed the core for this research program: safety, availability, and competitiveness.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of experts from Ontario Power Generation, Bruce Power, and Atomic Energy of Canada (now, Canadian Nuclear Lab). The committee meets regularly to discuss research and graduate student training issues and provide suggestions and guidance.

Official Announcement of the Chair

NSERC/UNENE Senior IRC Announcement at UWO, 2003.

UNENE Nuclear I&C Workshop

UNENE Annual I&C Workshop at Nuclear I&C Research Lab at UWO.

UNENE Workshop at CANDU OWNERS GROUP (COG), Toronto, 2014.

UNENE Workshop at SNC Lavalin, Toronto, 2012.

Within the Bruce Power A Unit 1 Reactor Vault.

Official Announcement of the Chair.


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